Betty’s Menagerie

I love the unexpected!  When I was recently photographing this incredible home in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, I came around a corner and saw this monkey hanging from the shower. It took me totally by surprise and I could only laugh with delight!  I then stopped looking at the rooms to photograph and wandered around looking at all the towel creatures whom occupied the house.

"Shower Monkey"

“Shower Monkey”

Not really sure what kind of beastie it is!

Mama and Baby!

There were many creatures in Betty’s zoo;

Sea Turtle

After a bit of convincing, Betty agreed to a quick photo with one of her creations.

Miss Betty

What made this such an unexpected find,  was for the house the creatures reside in;  it is a magnificent very modern home.

“La Roca”

Incredible light and such an openess!

Thanks so much Betty for the additions to the home.  It was a pleasure meeting you!

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