Lunch on the Beach at Boca de Tomatlan

We headed a bit to the south today, about 15 minutes past Mismaloya, to the sleepy little fishing village of Boca de Tomatlan.  We took the bus from Garza Blanca, 7 pesos each, [$.54!]for a day of relaxation and the sound of the surf.  The village probably has not changed too much for the past 50 years, and seems in no way going too.

You walk down a steep little road that opens up to beach when the Horcones River meets the Banderas Bay.  You can take water taxis to other small villages or the beaches at Yelapas, but we chose to stay here and have a great meal of local seafood and just enjoy the sun.

We ate at Los Mangos restaurant; their tables had the orange coloured tablecloths, and enjoyed some great Shrimp Empanadas-fried crisp and filled with fresh shrimp, tomatoes and peppers.  A Tostada topped with grilled Octopus, Onions, Peppers and fresh Lime.  We also sampled Shrimp Diabla – not too spicy, but very good and served with delicious fresh tortillas, and Chicken Tacos – the soft kind.  The food all arrives at it’s own pace; but the cervezas and sodas are cold – so why worry.

The day slipped by, we just sat and watched the comings and goings of the community and we will come back next week; the grilled Red Snapper looked great and there is a distillery in town that makes whiskey bears investigating.

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