Cigar Artisans!

ImageWhile we were exploring Old town PV, we crossed the bridge over Isla Cuale and found the Vallarta Cigar Factory.  [They are located downtown just across from the flea market and in front of the HSBC BANK.]  We just had to go in and check them out, what we discovered was much more than a factory.  These guys are Artisans.  They carefully age and blend all their tobacco, which is all grown in the San Andres Valley, for up to seven years! All the tobacco comes from Cuban, Nicaraguan and Sumatra seed.

The aroma in the factory is a heady earthy-malty-aged grassy blend, with tables piled with aging tobaccos.Image  Our guide was Pancho Seaney, his passion and knowledge about his tobacco was inspiring!  [I have been a cigar smoker for years and I truly have never appreciated fully what goes on behind the scenes to craft a truly excellent cigar – a few minutes with Pancho changed that forever!] They roll all the cigars here, and at various times throughout the year have several master rollers.  Watching him roll was an experience in observing perfection.  His hands move deftly and without any wasted motions, crafting up to 200 hundred cigars per day.


In their humidor, all three lines; Especiales, Mestizo, and Ultimas are on display, arranged by size and strength along with selected other brands. Each specifically designed to satisfy the most inexperienced novice smoker, to the most experienced cigar aficionado.   I treated myself to several cigars including their limited editions, [They only roll 1000 of these per year] and they are all excellent.


Over the next few weeks they are expanding the shop to include freshly roasted coffee [on premises] a full bar and chocolate.  These guys are passionate about their product and it shows.

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