Sunday in Sayulita

We took the bus today from Puerto Vallarta to Sayulita.  It is about a 45 minute ride that cost 25 pesos.  You head north along MEX 200 highway, leaving the coast briefly and head through hilly jungle to reappear back along the coast and the town of Sayulita.   This Pacific coastal town really does remind me of Southern California and Woodstock of the 60-70’s.  Sun, surf, spas, yoga studios and galleries blend together with traditional Mexican families to create this vibrant community.

If you arrive by bus [they runabout every 20-30 minutes and operate until about 9 pm], the downtown area is a short 5 minute walk.  Boutique shops and eateries abound, along with a local market selling jewelry, blankets and pottery.ImageImageImageImage

Sayulita is known for its surfing, snorkeling and the beautiful beach.  We spent the day enjoying the warm ocean and sound of the waves; however the waves were a bit light this day, so not as many surfers were in the water.   But there were plenty of families and boogie boards in the water.


We stopped for lunch at a street-side Fish taco stand.  They were great!!  Fresh Mahi-Mahi and locally caught Shrimp.  Fresh and perfectly cooked, these some of the very best we have had.  And at thirty pesos each, they were a real bargain!


Before returning back to PV, we toured several very nice galleries and did a bit of shopping.  I did have to stop at Coco Express juice.  Literally, a hole is punched into the coconut and a straw is inserted.  Simple, quick and it was so refreshing on a hot afternoon.  Plus, it’s a fun little stand!  We also picked up three pineapples – who could pass on that bargain – several Mandarin Oranges and got back on the bus for the ride back.


Very nice gallery on Delfin Street, Saulita

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageSayulita was a great day trip, away from the bustle of Puerto Vallarta.

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